Blockchain Application/
How and when to apply Blockchain

Are you looking for a lucrative blockchain application or blockchain product for your business? We offer technical support and business advice. Whatever your request may be, talk to us and we will find the perfect solution for your needs.

We are providing tailor-made offers to find and implement the best use of blockchain for your business.

ICO consulting and development

We offer ICO consulting as well as development of apps, tools and smart contracts based on the Stellar ecosystem.

As soon as you want to release your own tokens, you will start asking yourself many questions:

How can I create the tokens? How can I manage my tokens? How can I sell them? Which ICO strategy is the best for me? Is KYC (know your customer) important for my ICO? Which infrastructure do I have to provide? Can I pay dividends to the token holders? Can I offer voting? Do I need to provide a wallet for the buyers of my tokens? Which tools do I need to do this? Are those tools available or do I have to implement them?

We offer advice, create concepts and assist you with the development of any blockchain related issue.