iOS and macOS Stellar SDK

Our Stellar iOS and macOS SDK is used by numerous companies and developers to create apps that access the Stellar network.

A full-featured SDK that provides native APIs to build transactions, to connect to Horizon, to create mnemonics and much more.

The Soneso iOS and macOS SDK is open source and is available here.

Among more than 300 competitors this project won first prize in the official Stellar Build Challenge in April 2018.

Read more about the Stellar award here.

Lumenshine Wallet

Our Lumenshine Wallet is a multi-platform, user-friendly, fully-featured Wallet for the Stellar Network developed by Soneso.

The web version is available here.

It will be available for iOS and android soon.

Lumenshine Tool Suite

We are implementing a suite of tools to help our customers to create, manage and distribute new arbitrary tokens using the Stellar ecosystem. With the Lumenshine Tool Suite you can prepare and manage your ICO.