iOS and macOS Stellar SDK

Our iOS and macOS SDK is used by many companies and developers to create apps that can access the Stellar network.

It provides native APIs to query the Stellar Horizon server, to build, sign and submit transactions to the Stellar network. It helps developers to connect to the components of the Stellar ecosystem and to implement different Stellar ecosystem proposals (SEP).

Our SDK is open source and available here.

Among more than 320 competitors our project won first prize in the official Stellar Build Challenge in April 2018.

Read more about the Stellar award here.

Lumenshine Platform

The Lumenshine Platform helps our customers to create, manage and distribute their assets using the Stellar ecosystem. Contact us for a free consultation.

Lumenshine Wallet

Our Lumenshine Wallet is a multi-platform, user-friendly, fully-featured wallet app for the Stellar network.

Lumenshine is currently available for web and as a native iOS app.

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