Blockchain & AI developer


My name is Christian, also known as Soneso in the Stellar Community, a blockchain developer and project manager with many years of experience, specialized on the Stellar Network.

 Stellar Network

The Stellar Network is a blockchain that is maintained by the Stellar Development Foundation. My work with Stellar includes infrastructure tools called SDK's that make it easy for developers of Stellar projects to create highly usable products.


ChatGPT is a free-to-use AI system developed by OpenAI. My work with ChatGPT includes the development of the open source ArcturusGPT, an extension to ChatGPT that helps ChatGPT to access real-time data from the Stellar blockchain.

 Stellar SDK's

I am the main developer and maintainer of the open source iOS, Flutter and PHP classic Stellar SDK's. They abstract Stellar specific logic, so that developers can focus on implementing business logic.


Soroban is a smart contracts platform developed and maintained by the Stellar Development Foundation. I implemented the open source AssemblyScript Soroban SDK, that makes it easy for web developers to implement smart contracts for Soroban.

  Argo Navis

Argo Navis is a software development company owned by me and my friend Bence. We offer software development services related to Stellar. We can help you build Anchors, Wallets, Smart Contracts and much more. If you are interested, please visit our website.

If you have any questions, please contact me: